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“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.”

— Marie Kondo

Residential Cleaning

We dedicate our skills to helping our residential clientele create healthy, clean and happy homes. Because we understand how germs and allergens can affect you and your family, especially children, we are always just a click away and ready to come into your home and fight your health and safety battle.

Commercial Cleaning

Over and above the conventional "First impressions last in the world of business" reason for cleaning, Virtuous Meds focus is more on creating healthy work environments. Research shows that Sick Building contributes to 7.7 sick days per employee per year, which affects productivity, but more importantly, well-being and lifespan of employees. Virtuous Meds is always available to cater to the cleaning needs of various business sectors, ultimately helping employees uphold the prescripts of the OHS Act.

Custom Cleaning and Disinfection

Virtuous Meds understands the grave effort needed in ensuring that cleaning is carried out effectively, in any setting. COVID-19 has also made disinfection an important part of cleaning and hygiene. As a result, Virtuous Meds is able to provide assistance with cleaning and disinfection for whatever the occasion, be it cleaning or disinfecting after a wedding celebration, after a funeral, party or your gym, fleet vehicles, school, church or ensuring that your night club is hygienic and ready for the night's groove. The list is endless.

Hygiene Services

Virtuous Meds bears the capacity to provide a vast range of hygiene solutions that will ensure that the health and safety of employees is reasonably catered for. Our hygiene services comprises: provision and maintenance of ablution facilities products, including liquid soap dispensers, air-fresheners, sanitary bins, paper-towel dispensers and more.


With Green Cleaning, you will remain confident about the impact you have.

We demonstrate our dedication to green cleaning services through our adoption of certified and approved eco-friendly products, efficient methods of operation, and innovative cleaning equipment.

Efficient Cleaning Methods

Through our green cleaning program, we have taken the opportunity to develop systems and strategies that enables us to persue industry standards in terms of green cleaning requirements. Our efforts ensure that we reduce chemical use and our general pollution foot print, as well as promote the improvement of indoor air quality. We always strive to use as little water as possible, therefore contributing towards the efforts to save water. 


Environmetally Friendly Cleaning Products

Every product we use is made from bio enzymes probiotics.  Produced by Green Worx, a company trusted by Green Building Council of South Africa, all of the products are Green Tag certified. This is an assurance that with every cleaning carried out, the health of concerned building occupants, including our cleaners, will be protected. 

Dedication to Recycling

Where possible, we take responsibity in ensuring that we recyle the waste we create. We do not only try and recycle our own waste, but we help our customers engage in the same efforts of conserving the environment. Through our comprehensive recycling programme, we try and ensure that our customers becomes champions in lessening pollution foot print. 

Innovative Equipment

We make use of conventional cleaning equipment, designed to use less water, make less noise, and ergonomical. Our vacuum cleaners use HEPA filters and consumables are microfibres, hence lessesing air pollution. We ensure that the equipment we select is made for protecting the environment.

Training and Education Programmes

We at Virtuous Meds, believe in empowering our staff and clients. To this effect, all our staff members are trained on green cleaning practices and industry standards, including the use of cleaning products, recycling and use of equipment. To ensure smooth and effective implementation of our green cleaning programme, our clients are also educated on how contribute towards the entire programme. 


Office and Home Greenery

We have taken the idea of Green Cleaning to a whole new level. Through our research, we have selected a range of tested plants recommnded through scientific reserch, to plant for our customers so as to maximise our green cleaning efforts. Studies show that plants in office can help improve air quality, increase productivity, as well as the general feeling of well-being. Even in homes, plants can help reduce allergens and improve the general health of families. We do not clean for appearance, but to improve the health of our clients.

Why Work With Us?

Virtuous Meds boasts of a team that is trained formerly in Environmental Health and general hygiene. This team fully understands the importance of mitigating environmental factors that can adversely affect human health. Collectively, they make Virtuous Meds a skillful organization with:

What You Get

Your choice to work with Virtuous Meds will get you value for your money